Verbal Skills

A somatic approach to trauma resolution, counseling and personal growth.


Developed by Anna Chitty from her 40-year therapeutic career, working with clients to integrate somatic bodywork and psychotherapeutic development. The course draws upon Anna’s extensive study of Somatic Experiencing, Matrixworks, Polarity Therapy, DiamondHeart, Zen Buddhism and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

This series offers a way for touch practitioners to deepen their understanding and capacity to use verbal skills to support clients on and off the table. These skills help practitioners learn to work effectively with clients who show the effects of trauma and lose the ability to self-regulate. The inability to self-regulate can manifest in many common ailments: anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, physical pain and destructive behaviors. No matter what the origin of the problem (car accidents, sports injuries, disease, medical treatment, etc.), it is beneficial to be able to work with these clients not only through touch but also verbally to work with trauma, deepen engagement with the healing process, and develop cognitive awareness and skills to manage life circumstances mindfully. Upon completion of the 5 modules of Verbal Skills, students will receive the designation of Polarity Life Coach.

These classes will include theory and practical applications both on the table and in chairs. Modules must be taken in order; a new series starts each year. Completion of this program earns the certification of “Polarity Life Coach.”


Course Syllabus

  • Symptoms and therapeutic verbal strategies for hyper- and hypo- states, including emotional overwhelm

  • How to help clients deepen into their experience more fully so that the inherent treatment plan can be accessed. Also covered is how to broaden the experience so that there is more capacity to be with, and somatically integrate, past events.

  • Practices to deepen the capacity for somatic tracking and naming

  • Learning how to cultivate and support the completion of defensive responses, bringing more empowerment and reinstating lost capacities

  • Learning the anatomy and physiology of the triune nervous system, how to recognize and track it, and how to work with it.

  • Being able to perceive a client’s state, and  to work at the edges of the Window of Presence, including verbal and somatic skills for each specific state

  • Learning to recognize and work with truncated orienting responses

  • Learning how to manage your own activation

  • Working with pendulation of states, with the Two-Chair and other methods

  • Understanding and accessing the power of interpersonal neurobiology

  • Understanding the power of mindfulness in working with dysregulated states, and the neuroscience that validates it

  • Learning how to work with traumatic events and bring the system to discharge and completion

Training Dates & Logistics


with Anna Chitty, BCST
Cost: $820/module (Administration fee ($20) is waived when payment is received via cash, check, Venmo or Zelle).

Module 1: Feb 14-17, 2019
Module 2: Apr. 25-28, 2019
Module 3: Jun. 12-16, 2019
Module 4: Aug 21-25, 2019
Module 5: Sept. 25-29, 2019