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Body - Low - Slow - Loop

The Body-Low-Slow-Loop is a safe and effective way to gently reduce autonomic nervous system dysfunction, particularly the sympathetic stress response known as fight or flight.

We are working to compile this resource in as many languages as possible, to make it available for people from a wide variety of backgrounds. A complete description of the whole practice can be found on page 187 in the book, Dancing with Yin and Yang.

Boundary Practice

The “boundary practice” comes from Polarity Therapy. It is a self-help way to re-establish the natural field effect of our aura or boundary, which serves as a natural kind of immune system. With a secure boundary, we re-gain the inherent choice about whom and how we interact with others. It is recommended that the boundary practice be done daily for a few weeks, ideally at a quiet time such as early morning or late evening. Through repetition we notice how our protective energy shell is affected by various people and events, and gradually through attention we create a more coherent and consistent sense of our own space where we are safe. The practice can be done without reference to any particular context; after we have become familiar with it we can use it when a particular problematic situation arises.


Mother Earth - Father Sky

This exercise helps ground practitioners within themselves, in order to maintain neutrality while practicing subtle somatic therapies. This practice originally comes from Dr. Ray Castellino.


Center - Ground - Neutral


Efferent & Afferent Sensing