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This is a sampling of articles and handouts written and created over the years for students in our Polarity, Craniosacral and other programs. We continue to add new material here, so we encourage you to check back for new additions.

These materials are available freely for use in any form (not restricted by copyright). We do ask that you acknowledge their origin when using them. For example, if you would like to re-print an article and distribute it as a handout in your own class, please state “Used with permission of the authors, John and Anna Chitty, and freely available at” somewhere on the page.

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The Autonomic Nervous System


The Autonomic Nervous System and Polyvagal Theory

by john chitty

This is chapter 6 from Dancing with Yin and Yang. It contains many of the Powerpoint slides published earlier, as well as updated descriptions and expanded commentary about implications.


The “Window of Presence” or “Functional Range”

by anna chitty with ray castellino

The “window of presence” or the “functional range” refers to the stress responses of Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). When ANS responses are functional, they are “within the window” or within the “functional range.” When responses are dysfunctional, they are “outside the window” or outside the “functional range.”


by Anna and John Chitty (+ downloadable Podcast)

This is an instruction summary for the Sympathetic Nervous System first aid method used in our programs. It is derived from the work of Peter Levine, attempting to simplify the trauma-recovery model into as few steps as possible. 

Note: You may also tune in to the audio podcast of the Body Low Slow Loop for a guided verbal practice facilitated by John Chitty.

Introduction to The Polyvagal Theory

by John Chitty

This is a 2-page introduction to the Triune Autonomic Nervous System theory (also known as “Polyvagal Theory”) and applications. Based on the work of Stephen Porges, PhD, this new view of the autonomic NS revolutionizes trauma therapy understanding and has huge implications for body-centered trauma therapies and anyone dealing with people in any capacity. We highly recommend that readers pursue this topic with Porges’ own materials, available at the site above.

The Triune Autonomic Nervous System

by John Chitty

This slide presentation explores possible methods to work with the Triune Autonomic Nervous System. This presentation was prepared for an audience with little or no Craniosacral Therapy training.

Dancing with Yin and Yang

by john chitty

These 26 slides are the images used in John’s presentation to Diane Heller’s “Attachment Mastery” program.

New Insights in Trauma Therapy

by John Chitty

This Powerpoint lecture describes the work on Peter Levine, PhD. This was created before Levine’s Waking the Tiger was available, but continues to be useful for introductory purposes.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Overview of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

by John Chitty

This is article summarizes the practice of “Biodynamic” Craniosacral Therapy, and also the content of a biodynamic education.

Effect of Practitioner Attitude

by John Chitty

This handout summarizes an experiment by John Upledger, DO about the electrical resistance of tissues with differing attitude variables.

Remote Viewing Quotations from Osteopaths

compiled by John Chitty

The pioneers of Cranial Osteopathy reported perceiving sub-surface tissues and micro-movements. These reports seem to be analogous to “Remote Viewing” as developed and described elsewhere in scientific literature. Developing versions of this skill is highly emphasized in our programs.

Lineage of this Approach

compiled by John Chitty

This slide gives photos and dates for some of the osteopathic originators of our Craniosacral Therapy approach.

The Mystery of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid

by Scott Zamurut

This article collects the numerous quotations about Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) in the writings of Randolph Stone and his Craniosacral Therapy counterpart W. G. Sutherland, DO. Both of these energy medicine pioneers held that, in addition to its normally-accepted functions of nourishing and protecting the brain, CSF is also the informational link between spirit and matter, conveying the ordering principle of Higher Intelligence into the cells of the body.

First Tour of Cranial Bones

This handout from our BCST course introduces the bones of the cranial vault and base to new students.


by John Chitty

A chart explaining techniques for “Facilitation,” which refers to chronically activated sensory nerve loops. These deliver a pain message to the brain even though the original cause is no longer present. This chart is directly based on the teaching of Franklyn Sills.

Polarity Therapy


Polarity Counseling

by John Chitty

This presentation was given at the APTA Conference in June 2012, recognizing that while bodywork, exercise and diet are all covered in existing literature, counseling (also known as “Communication and Facilitation” in the APTA Standards) is less well-developed. The presentation suggests how Polarity Therapy Counseling might be expanded to reflect and update Dr. Stone’s ideas to accommodate the fifty years of discovery in the field of psychology since his insightful comments were first written.

Origins of Dr. Stone’s Ideas

by John Chitty, with thanks to Phil Young

This slide show describes the many sources for Dr. Stone’s ideas in creating Polarity Therapy. Three main groups are identified and depicted: (1) the mystic teachings of India and its wisdom traditions including Yoga, (2) western organizations that embraced and studied these mystic traditions, and (3) turn-of-the-century medical pioneers in America.

The “General Session”

by John Chitty

This summarizes the many different versions of the Polarity Therapy “General Session” which have appeared in print over the years. While Dr. Stone did not actually use a “General Session,” subsequent teachers and practitioners have found the idea to be very useful.

Bodyreading the Three Principles

by John Chitty

This article summarizes how the Three Energy Principles (Yang, Yin and Neutral) may be observed in the body.

Yang & Yin: Understanding the Essential Polarities

by John Chitty

This “Yin and Yang attributes” chart explores relationship implications of the Three Principles using a key words format.

Five Elements Study Guide

by John Chitty

Polarity Protocols

A series of diagrams indicating common hand positions and protocols for basic Polarity sessions attending to various issues and organs including: Sex and Reproduction, Lymph, Joints, TMJ, Kidneys & Lungs, Projection & Reflection, Digestive System, Legs, Spine & Back, and Heart Strategies.

Polarity Test Question and Answer

by John Chitty

This is the written test which is used at the end of the Associate Polarity Practitioner course (16 days training).

Sympathetic Nervous System Balance

by John Chitty

Shows two protocols for nervous system balancing, “Sympathetic Balance” as developed by Jim Said, and Will Leichnitz’s “NS Protocol” as presented at APTA conferences.

Polarity Toe Reading

Polarity has a specialized interpretation of Reflexology, using the 3 Principles & 5 Elements paradigm to create hypotheses about body-mind links. The toes, in particular, have drawn interest because they are hypothetically the part of the body that is most distant from the source and thereby thought to be the most dense coalescence of the incarnation experience. From a recent Polarity class, here is an example of how toe reading might be used to create a session strategy for 11 people.

Polarity Therapy Standards for Practice: Appendix E Study Guide

by John Chitty

This table lists all of Dr. Stone’s charts in order of appearance, and categorizing them by their Five Elements, Three Principles, and Primary Energy relevance.

Polarity Tea and the Biologic Electron

by John Chitty

This is a one-page article describing the benefits of Dr. Stone’s herbal tea, and proposing that some benefits relate to the extraordinary electromagnetic attributes of certain ingredients.

The Heart


The Triune Heart Chart

compiled by John Chitty

This slide shows one of Randolph Stone’s more intriguing charts, Polarity Therapy Vol. I, Book 3, Chart 2, with two relevant quotations from elsewhere in his writings.

The Heart is Not a Pump

by John Chitty

This article presents an argument for an energetic explanation of the heart’s function and gives an experimental protocol for exploring the heart field.



Jaap van der Wal Course Plan 2010

by Jaap van der Wal

This summarizes Dr. Jaap van der Wal’s class as it was presented in July 2010 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Meso Function Through Prenatal Stages

by Jaap van der Wal

This diagram was developed by Jaap van der Wal, MD, PhD, and transcribed from his lecture by John Chitty. It shows the continuity of Endodermal and Ectodermal tissues through the beginning of human life, and especially the emergence and continuity of the Meso-function as a mediator between the two.

Energy Therapy


Defining Energy Therapy

by John Chitty

This slide gives a basis for Energy Therapy by distinguishing between “Visible” and “Invisible” phenomena.

Gifts: How Craniosacral and Polarity Need Each Other

by John Chitty

This article discusses the complementary benefits of these two systems, suggesting that curricula of each would benefit from adding certain features and practices of the other.

What Happens in a Session?

by Anna and John Chitty

This chart describes the practitioner/client relationship and subsequent unfoldment of the healing process during a session.

Practitioner Skills Step-by-Step

by Anna and John Chitty

This chart explains the practitioner skills which we think are required in order to practice energetic therapies such as Polarity and Craniosacral.

Business Class Notes

by John Chitty

We teach an energetic approach to career development. This outline of content covered in the RPP program business classes.

Dr. Randolph Stone


Dr. Randolph Stone Chronology

This is a 2-page summary of key dates and events in the life of Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981), founder of Polarity Therapy.

Peter Levine Remembers Randolph Stone

Peter Levine, PhD, is a world authority on trauma resolution, and his method is an effective implementation of Dr. Stone’s Polarity Therapy principles using a primarily verbal interface. For information on Levine, visit his site Somatic Experiencing: Foundation for Human Enrichment. Levine met Dr. Stone in 1966.

Pierre Pannetier Remembers Randolph Stone

This is one page of transcribed-from-audio tape comments about Dr. Stone, made by Pierre Pannetier, ND, in 1982. Dr. Pannetier (1914-1984) was Stone’s leading student and his successor as primary teacher of Polarity Therapy in the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Louise Hilger Remembers Randolph Stone

This 8-page biographical article was written by Louise Hilger (ca. 1910-1988) in 1968, probably with Stone’s collaboration and approval. She was the daughter of the sister of Stone’s wife, therefore Stone’s niece, and served Stone as secretary for over 40 years. This memoir contains many interesting historical vignettes, and also a large dose of commentary about Stone’s (and her) spiritual beliefs. There are numerous reasons to emphasize clear separation of these spiritual beliefs from the practice of Polarity Therapy, based on developments in subsequent years.