Trauma & Counseling Books


The Polyvagal Theory
by Stephen Porges
New in 2011, the long-awaited first book from the originator of the Polyvagal Theory. Look in Resources for materials on this groundbreaking understanding of the autonomic nervous system, foundation of health.

by Eugene Gendlin
The classic, from the originator of body-centered psychotherapy.

Crash Course
by Diane Heller
Very practical applications of trauma recovery principles, specialized for auto accidents but relevant for all PTSD.

The Power of Focusing
by Ann Cornell
Gendlin’s student expanded the concepts and provides numerous practical exercises.

The Journey of Souls
by Michael Newton
Hypnotherapist studies of regression to pre-conception; excellent for broadening a client’s perspective.

Remote Viewing Secrets
by Joseph McMoneagle
Osteopaths report developing the ability to accurately visualize sub-surface tissue; this book gives a hypothesis for how to develop that capacity.

In an Unspoken Voice
by Peter Levine
New in 2011, an updated summary of Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing method.

Waking the Tiger
by Peter Levine
The foundation of our approach in both Craniosacral and Polarity contexts. Superseded by ‘In an Unspoken Voice’, Levine’s follow-up book to ‘Waking the Tiger’.

Trauma and the Body
by Pat Ogden, Kikuni Minton, et al
Academic summary of body-centered trauma recovery theory and practice.

Heal Your Body
by Louise Hay
Gives pointers for exploring mental-emotional factors in specific diseases. Useful to help clients entertain new ideas and about their conditions.

Open Focus Brain
by Les Fehmi
Excellent method for developing practitioner perceptual skills. CD included for daily practice.