Dr. Stone Biography


by Pierre Pannetier

ca. 1982 – transcribed audio lecture
Brackets indicate discontinuity in the transcription; meaning not known

The founder of Polarity Therapy is Dr. Stone. By the way Dr. Stone died just this December 9th while living in India. He retired entirely from his teachings of Polarity Therapy in 1973. 1 was his assistant for many years and in 1971 and 1972 he asked me to continue his work and he came to live with me in Santa Ana before he retired in India. Over there he was doing special work for himself especially. He has a living Master and he was doing Meditation all the day long. He has a big attachment for the only son that he had and that son was a big one, was named Polarity Therapy. So, he was in very good hands over there and was taking good care of[].

So, let me tell you about him. Dr. Stone was born in Austria and he came at the age of 13 in America and taught himself English in church and he studied to be a preacher. So, just before becoming a preacher he switched to Medical Science and he was living in Illinois and he was interested all his life in the life energy so there was a new school at that time- called Osteopathy, and that would be the same study as an M.D. After the study of M.D. there was some manipulations which he was very interested in manipulations which means to put yours hands on somebody. And you know that when you’re in the Aura you’re more able to communicate with the person. So, he became a doctor of Osteopathy, and before he was a doctor of Naturopathy. He also was one of the first doctors of Chiropractic.

He found out in both schools that he was practicing that force was being used and not the flow of the life energy. So he could not find any more answers in America and so he went to the Orient, to China and studied Acupuncture but Acupuncture was not so clear for him because of communication barriers with the Chinese. When he was asking questions as to where to put the needle the answer would be vague and he was told this is just where my teacher told me to put it. And this was not enough for him. He needed to know the cause. So, he went to India where he received a lot of help. He studied Ayurvedic Medicine which is the old medicine of India. The record is about 5,000 to 6,000 years back.

And what Polarity Therapy is exactly is a mixture of the old oriental school of healing and all the occidental school of healing, the old and the new. A lot of his students were not ready for that mixture. He was concerned with the total human being and not just-manipulations. But it really is a Philosophy of a Way of Life. That is, what are we doing on this planet. Very few of his students knew his approach to healing. He had his office in Chicago, Illinois for more than 50 years and he took all the cases of orthodox medicine – they went to see him. Now don’t think that, he named himself a healer – this is not true. On the contrary all of his life he said, “I’m not a healer, I am just a channel. This is what we are doing in Polarity Therapy. Being a channel, So he wrote a lot of books which are highly concentrated and in my two week seminars we cover quite a bit but it would take quite a comprehension because Dr. Stone learned of the healing arts in many life times. I don’t know if you believe in reincarnation or not. [It would take] three or four years of study to understand his books.

More Dr. Stone biography notes by Pierre Pannetier

Also Transcribed, but different from above, lecture notes, January 1982

A brief history of Dr. Stone By Pierre Pannetier
Transcribed audio tape lecture given January 1982
Dr. Randoph Stone is the founder of Polarity Therapy. He was born in Austria, February 26, 1890, and in 1903 he immigrated with his father to the United States, where he became a naturalized citizen.

Dr. Stone examined nearly all known systems of natural healing, including Craniopathy and Neuropathy. He earned Doctorate degrees in Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Naturopathy, and took post-graduate courses offered by traditional medical science. His private practice was in Chicago from 1914 until 1972, and throughout this long career, he devoted himself to extensive research into lesser-known systems, necessitating many trips to Europe and to the Orient. From these studies was developed this unique science which he later called Polarity Therapy.

In 1972, Dr. Stone retired from active practice and moved to California, where he continued to teach. In August 1973, he appointed me as his successor, intrusting to me the perpetuation of his life work and the consignment of all his publications. At the age of 83, he retired to India where he lived his remaining days in deep meditation. Dr. Stone left his physical body December 9, 1981.