Polarity Therapy Books

The writings of Randolph Stone are the basis of Polarity Therapy; subsequent authors have greatly expanded applications. Five topic areas are included: theory, bodywork, exercise, diet and counseling.


Polarity Course Required Reading

Health Building: The Conscious Art of Living Well
by Randolph Stone
Best first introduction to Stone's writings, conveys his inspired, inclusive approach to health care concepts including diet, exercise, bodywork and counseling.

The Polarity Process: Energy as a Healing Art
by Franklyn Sills
Best Polarity Therapy theory overview; includes interpretations and links to Buddhist traditions.

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis
by James L. Oschman
Best overview of energy health science.

In an Unspoken Voice
by Peter Levine
This is the basis for our approach to working with trauma and autonomic nervous system states.

Dancing with Yin and Yang
by John Chitty
This new approach to mental wellness shows how the universal principles of nature, known as Yin and Yang in the wisdom traditions, can be applied to psychology. General principles and specific applications are provided, including a fresh view of Fritz Perls' famous two-chair Gestalt method and a concise illustrated summary of Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory. 

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Other Recommended Titles

Polarity Therapy: Volume I
by Randolph Stone
The majority of Polarity Therapy content is contained in a two volume set. Theory and applications are presented in a series of charts with commentaries on each.

Polarity Therapy, Vol. II
by Randolph Stone
Continues from Vol. I, consolidating what was originally several smaller booklets.

APTA Standards for Practice and Education & Code of Ethics
by American Polarity Therapy Association
Summarizes requirements for certification as a Polarity Therapy practitioner

Polarity Therapy: Healing with Life Energy
by Alan Siegel and Phil Young
Wide-ranging explanation of Polarity bodywork and diet.

The Art of Polarity Therapy: A Practitioner’s Perspective
by Phil Young
Unique commentary not found elsewhere in the Polarity literature.

Healing with Form, Energy and Light
by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
Summarizes cosmology and health care ideas of the Bon faith, which preceded Buddhism in Tibet. Confirms many Polarity ideas.

Murrieta Hot Springs Vegetarian Cookbook 
Polarity Diets Cookbook
by Murrieta Foundation
This is the only compilation of Dr. Stone's dietary ideas converted into actual recipes, including Purifying and Health-Building diet plans.

Energy Exercises
by John Chitty & Mary Louise Muller
Self-help postures and movements for energy balancing, plus a section on body reading. This is the only text compiling this material under one cover.
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Your Healing Hands: The Polarity Experience
by Richard Gordon
The first Polarity Therapy book produced after Dr. Stone retired: simple and easy to apply hand positions for energy balancing.

Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness
by Bruce Burger
Describes Polarity theory from a Vedic perspective, by the founder of the Heartwood school.

Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements
by Stephen Arroyo
Fascinating study of how astrological archetypes provide a Polarity Therapy language for psychological understanding.

Guide to Polarity Therapy: The Gentle Art of Hands on Healing
by Maruti Seidman
Intro guide to practice of Polarity Therapy, by one of Pierre Pannetier’s leading students.

The Illuminated Chakras (DVD)
by Anodea Judith
Beautiful computer graphics and sound track provide a yoga-based introduction to the chakras and the Polarity Therapy Five Elements concept.

Intimate Communion
by David Deida
Not a Polarity book per se, but applies Polarity principles to the field of relationships, with numerous insights supportive of Polarity Counseling.

DVD Lectures by Anna Chitty made in 1987

  • Energy Exercises (one hour): Anna demonstrates the Polarity Yoga postures and discusses their applications. $25.

  • Man & Woman (two hours): Anna describes the “Sun and Moon” model of relationships that is a key basis for Polarity Counseling. $25.