CS-R Reflections

** As a part of the final exam for the BCST program, we ask students to reflect on their experience of the course, and what impact it had for them. Our most recent group, “Class R” just graduated and we wanted to share some highlights from their feedback on the course. It was a privilege to spend over 1.5 years with them, and we are excited to see what they do next!

I have learned so much about myself, my experiences, how I carry all of these aspect of myself and how those aspect orchestrate all of my daily interactions. I think everyone should do a program like this; we should all come to know ourselves this well and relate to others in this fashion. What a world it would become if that were possible.

I am so grateful for all the material and resources you guys have organized and presented and given to us. It’s because of that and you all that I feel like I can continue to learn and grow in this work, someday bringing it into practice with others. Thank you!


This course was so much more than just a biodynamic craniosacral therapy training. My greatest challenge and my greatest growth came from developing Practitioner Skill 1, the foundation of biodynamic craniosacral therapy. This required unlearning my tendency to dissociate and merge in which I leave myself in order to perceive and connect with others. Through this process, I have become much more settled and embodied and am better able to stay present with myself, even as I come into relationship with others.


This course has been exactly what I needed. What I can really feel has happened with this training is the opportunity to practice in a new way. I am use to working with clients as a psychotherapist, no hands on. That gave me lots of opportunities to use these principles and to train others to do the same. But there is a difference with having the hands on and there are things that I could feel into that I just couldn’t in the same way before. What an amazing thing to literally feel into someone’s being, which is how I hold what we do here. This time has also held a ground that I could come back to over and over with the stillness and the practice. It was very holding. I absolutely loved it and feel impacted in a profound way. Thank you both with love.


Taking this course has changed the way I view and interact with myself, other people, and the world. My developed abilities of Being (centering, grounding, presence), resonating with others, and facilitating the processes of inherent health have noticeably and positively affected progress for my clients, as well as relationships I have with my family, friends, and acquaintances. I feel that my personal experience of gradual change, growth, and shifts towards health over the past year and a half has given me the tools of patience, understanding, and reverence for the gradual and unique processes of my clients. I think most profoundly of all, I have discovered the place in my heart for true compassion, towards myself and others.


My experience throughout this course is one that’s hard to put into words, but in a comedic sense, I feel like I was run over by a freight train only to stand up and walk away more whole. It has opened me in ways I’m still trying to understand, and I never thought were possible. It has given me a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the human condition and the soul that lies within. I’m starting to see how this is only touching the surface, and the depth is infinite as it is all connected. There is still so much more to learn. Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart, for the love, encouragement and support you offered throughout this training.


There is a difference between learning something and becoming. Becoming into a deeper aquaintance of the breath of life and what deeper safety can mean. To have protection and independence. To find repair in relationship to my own psyche and simultaneously in the company of others. I have owned a deeper appreciation for life, for me in my own gifts and inspiration and as well as wounding and shadow. My gifts can take a back seat as my wounds repair and I can self accept in new ways. I can continue to grow in this and to be this with myself and with others.


This course has woven its way into every facet of my life. There is the actual practice of craniosacral work with clients, and the potent effect this training has had on my professional work, but the most profound experiences are much more personal. The practitioner skills, the idea of expansion and contraction (all through life, every day), yin, yang and neutral, but mostly the concept of the blueprint and the imprint- this for me has been such an important concept to play with in my life and in my practice. This idea of inherent health, the potency held in our imprints and the ability of the blueprint to hold and find more fluidity with the unwinding of imprints has brought a lot of appreciation and empathy to the forefront. I am so grateful for the way this course has been taught- layered and embodied with a chance to truly digest between modules. I genuinely appreciate what you have brought forth in this training. I feel as though there is much more to learn and integrate and that time, practice and staying connected to other practitioners and trainings will support that integration. In addition to introducing multi-layered information related to biodynamic craniosacral therapy, this training has bridged some of what I knew intellectually, to a practice that I understand from an embodied way- for that I am beyond grateful.


For myself there was a huge amount of growth. I am a much calmer and more centered person. I have feedback to that effect from almost everyone important to me. I also see a difference in my other creative work.


My experience of this course has been a true journey of the self. It has been a blend of a meditation, science, self acceptance, human relationships, group process, witnessing, appreciating, observing, gentleness, understanding my history and above all serving others with the utmost integrity. It has challenged me, encouraged me and reminded me of my own strength and health. It has allowed me to step into a deeper knowing and trusting of myself and others.

The concept of ‘looking for the health’ has impacted every corner of my life. It has become my mantra in not only physical and mental health but in relationships, motherhood, stressful situations, grief, politics and how I walk through the world. In it’s simplicity, those words have truly become my guide in the last year and a half. Thank you.


I loved this course a lot, especially the biodynamic part. I very much enjoyed the biodynamic teachings on Breath of Life, the Tide, Inherent Health, and Primary Respiration. I also loved all the laughter and joy that came along with the teaching as well as deep Stillness. So much came through not only through words but through the Field and through my own immediate experience. I would say that’s where I learned the most. Through exercises, hands-on practices and TA’s availability to support me in my process. That was very helpful.

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