Craniosacral S.E.L.F. Waves

his new book from an Upledger-trained practitioner, Olaf Korpiun, in Munich offers exciting new proposals in three areas that are very important for biodynamic practitioners.

  1. It pushes further into new territory to explain the cause of primary respiration movement, continuing development along the direction created by Nicholas Handoll (Anatomy of Potency) and Jim Oschman (Energy Medicine: the Scientific Basis) and others. I think Korpiun’s contribution (that the movement is caused by external super low frequency– S.E.L.F.– energy field fluctuations) is a significant advance in this area.

  2. It articulates a new layer of the movement which confirms some anecdotal reports. Korpiun describes how the client’s system is curling and uncurling, in addition to the familiar rising/widening and descending/narrowing that is the prevailing view in the existing literature. Among other interests, this creates a stronger more practical bridge to Embryology than has existed before. Korpiun makes extensive use of the ideas of Jaap van der Wal and Erich Blechschmidt throughout the second half of the book.

  3. Korpiun proposes biomechanical techniques that are very promising as a way to access the S.E.L.F. layer of the system.

I am interested enough to invite Korpiun to do a seminar here and he has agreed to do that, June 14-17, 2012. This is the week right before Jaap van der Wal does his seminar on Embryology June 21-24, 2012.

Korpiun’s book is innovative and provocative, and I predict it will enhance craniosacral therapy significantly.

John ChittyComment