Polarity Therapy Workbook

Polarity Therapy Workbook
John Beaulieu
Biosonics, 2016

John Beaulieu is the ultimate Renaissance Man of Polarity Therapy. Therapist, teacher, author, APTA leader, scientist, musician, businessman, even champion golfer: what is left to do. Among his several books, Polarity Therapy Workbook (1996) is probably most influential for Polarity Therapists. Now he has re-published this classic in a second edition, no doubt to the delight of Polarity teachers everywhere whose jobs just became easier.

The new edition has several new features and commentary, but the main theme is the same: a thoroughly illustrated (Thea Beaulieu is the photographic model) and comprehensive review of the five elements including energy anatomy, bodywork protocols and wide-ranging recognition of how each element can be recognized everywhere in life.

There are several illustrated Polarity Therapy bodywork books, but this is the most substantial. It provides at-a-glance protocols with clear photos for hand positions, all in a spiral binding so that students can easily have it open on a particular page during practice sessions. It is wonderful to have this book back in print and available after a short hiatus.

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