Tripping Over the Truth

Tripping Over the Truth: The Return of the Metabolic Theory of Cancer Illuminates a New and Hopeful Path to a Cure
Trevor Christofferson
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I have a special interest in cancer books, and this one just moved to the front of my list of most highly recommended.

Tripping Over the Truth tells the story of cancer research in America, particularly the emergence of two theories and sets of strategies. These two branches of inquiry are called “Genetic” and “Metabolic.” This book explains how the former rose to supremacy in modern medicine despite major flaws, and how the latter was ignored and abandoned, despite strong evidence. If this sounds gloomy, well, yes it is.

The Genetic model holds that cancer results from mutation of genes in the cell nucleus, due to any number of causes including inheritance, environment and “random.” Once a cell mutation has happened, it proliferates through DNA/RNA commands to create new proteins and cells with the specific characteristics of cancer such as uncontrolled cell division and loss of normal apoptosis (programmed cell death). Therapies focus on trying to rid the patient of all mutated cells through surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and most recently specialized immunotherapy. Allopathic medicine uses this approach, strictly enforcing it at every level of the system, from research to FDA approval to medical applications.

The Metabolic model states that cancer is a symptom of systemic cellular dysfunction, due to conditions in the tissues such as unnatural chemistry, pH balance, oxygen supply, waste removal and other factors. The dysfunction is in the mitochondria (energy producing cells in the cytoplasm) not the nucleus. Therapies focus on changing the conditions of the whole body through diet, lifestyle and strategies targeting cellular processes such as glucose fermentation. Alternative therapies, scorned intensively by guardians of mainstream science, use this approach.

The key experiments in 1987 and 1988 were simple and clear. Experimenters took cancerous cells and dissected the nucleus from the cytoplasm. The dissected parts were then transplanted into healthy cells. If the Genetic theory was correct, the new cells would become infected by adding a cancerous nucleus with its mutated DNA. If the Metabolic theory was correct, the new cells would become infected by adding cancerous cytoplasm (containing mitochondria). The latter sequence was observed. Unfortunately this research was ignored.

This book supports a Polarity interpretation of cancer, drawing on Dr. Stone’s famous “apple” chart (Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 3, Chart 2). From a Polarity Therapy perspective, the nucleus is the Yang aspect of the cell, its central command. The cytoplasm is the Yin aspect, the cell body. Yang relates to movement into creation, and Yin relates to return to source. Cancer is a failure to return to source, with Yang proliferation unchecked by normal rhythms. Yang is in excess, and Yin is disabled, the “Tyrant/Doormat” archetype. This line of inquiry could be very helpful in designing a cancer healing strategy for mental/emotional factors as suggested by The New Medicine, reviewed with this article. A note for practitioners: in applying this concept, we need to remember to view the entire field dynamics, not just the solo conditions of the patient.

The Metabolic theory places high emphasis on diet and lifestyle changes as the top priority for treatment. Of course this is anathema to most mainstream doctors.

I recommend this book very highly to anyone who is dealing with cancer, either personally, within the family, or professionally. Having a cancer diagnosis is so common and the effects are so horrific, both from the condition and also from the normal cut/burn/poison treatment. This book’s message urgently needs to be popularized, and obviously that awakening is not going to come from the top down. Thirty years and countless lives have been wasted already, barking up the wrong tree with basically minimal progress. As many other authors have also noted, institutional profiteering is a root cause of the lack of progress; the remedy is to spread information at a grass roots level, just as Dr. Stone taught.

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