Foundations in Craniosacral Biodynamics: Volume One

This is a spectacular achievement by Sills in basically totally overhauling his 2000 starter book. This book replaces the original Volume One but goes far beyond the first try in terms of clarity, scope and effectiveness. I knew this was coming and was oh-so-curious to find out which way Sills would go. It could have been a simple clean-up and update, but this new version is really a completely new book with a wealth of new insights.

A theme of the book is clarifying what biodynamic really means– a treatment approach in which the correction comes from within the client, rather than the more common “correction-comes-from-the-practitioner’s-skill.” Perhaps this will help advance biodynamics in other fields in addition to craniosacral.

I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone seeking to understand what Sills is about, whether the reader is a biodynamic craniosacral therapy student/practitioner/teacher, or coming from elsewhere in the craniosacral or health care world.

Sills new book vastly improves the previous Volume One and adds important updated explanations of biodynamics.

John ChittyComment