In an Unspoken Voice

Peter Levine is the creator of Somatic Experiencing and author of Waking the Tiger, which 15 years ago revolutionized trauma resolution therapy. In this new book, Levine updates his information and adds many practical insights. Basically this book replaces Waking the Tiger at the head of the line of books on how to work with trauma.

I liked so many aspects of this book that they are too numerous to list here, but here are two bits I thought especially notable.

  1. On pages 74-75, Levine offers a nine-point summary of what the therapist needs to accomplish. It is very helpful to have it all boiled down to a direct short list, which is then thoroughly explained in the subsequent pages.

  2. In Chapter 6 (page 97), Levine takes a run at interpreting the work of Stephen Porges. Several other have tried to do this, to varying degree, but I think Levine’s work here is the new state of the art in the literature.

Levine’s new book basically replaces Waking the Tiger which has been required reading in our courses for 15 years.

John ChittyComment